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from 1946 until today

The company Maibach was founded in 1946 and registered in the Göppingen commercial register in the woodworking sector.
1953 the processing with plastics began. The production program initially included the same parts that had previously been manufactured in wood. In constant expansion of production, stacking containers, rear walls for televisions, water containers, hoods for drilling machines, etc. were added.

By 1958 Maibach was already the largest thermoforming company in southern Germany. 1962 saw the start of the production of pressed parts from glass-fibre reinforced plastics.
From 1968 onwards, the third production line - the wood body blow moulding process - was built up with determination. The first plastic guide posts and later anti-glare elements were produced from HDPE. At the same time, Maibach developed products for guidance systems, traffic safety and winter maintenance.

1969 saw the development and production of the first noise protection elements in Germany, first made of thermoplastic and then of GRP.

In 1990, in the course of a planned operational split, the product areas of road equipment and noise protection were spun off from Maibach Industrieplastic GmbH to Maibach Verkehrssicherheits- und Lärmschutzeinnrichtungen GmbH, or Maibach VuL for short.

Over the years, various branches have been established. First in October 1990 Maibach Straßenausrüstung und Lärmschutzanlagen (SuL) GmbH in Radeberg near Dresden.

In January 2001, Maibach Verkehrssicherheits- und Straßeneinrichtungen (VuS) GmbH followed in Velen and also in 2001 Maibach VuL (Schweiz) GmbH, which has its roots in Maibach Plastic AG, St. Gallen, founded in Switzerland in 1975. From April 1, 2021, the subsidiary Maibach VuS is no longer part of the Maibach group.

In April 2003, the most recent start-up was completed, Maibach AuS GmbH in St. Gilgen, Austria.

Maibach VuL is a well-known and recognised specialist company in Germany and Europe in its product segments, primarily road safety, noise protection and amphibian protection.

Maibach IPG is first and foremost a specialist for high-quality technical moulded parts and break-resistant special containers for the storage and transport of demanding goods.

Maibach owns a large number of industrial property rights. There are partnerships and cooperations with potent companies. The export share is approx. 30 %.