Road safetyWarning ramp

Warning ramp

Hundreds of accidents are caused every year by inattentive drivers,  who do not recognise roadwork zones desprite early warning by traffic signs. We have a simple but effective solution:  the warning ramp. Made of special synthetic, colour yellow, with integrated reflectors.
The "shake" tried or inattentive drivers and warn them before a crash will be caused. 

Material: weather-resistant, highly loadable special plastic with 20 integrated glass bead reflectors for improved night visibility as well as 4 recessed grip recesses. Roasted top and bottom for more grip and safety.

The new MAIBACH warning threshold was successfully tested on 21.07.2016 according to the TLP warning thresholds 2014 by BASt with the test number V4 - 17/2015. The new warning threshold thus replaces our old warning threshold.

Areas of application

Short-term roadwork on motorways and other roads, in comibination with signs an barriers



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