• Road Safety

    Road safety products have a long tradition at Maibach. During several decades, many products have been developed which met the growing importance of safety aspects: Delineators, technically sophisticated products such as anti-glare systems for motorways, snow fences and many other products for road equipment. Since many years, we sell our products all over Europe. The brochure shows examples of our range. In the catalogue, you can see our complete range of products. We are sure that you will find ideas and solutions for your problem in our catalogue.

  • Amphibian protection

    Since 1993, MAIBACH has a leading position in amphibian protection. In co-operation with specialists, we have developed technical standards for the construction of amphibian protection systems. Today, these standards are common rules. Our services enclose the comprehensive technical planning and the resulting detailed description of technical performances. Thus, a correct installation and the long-term maintenance of the installation is guaranteed.You will gain from our long experience. Our specialists will be pleased to give you advice.

  • Winter protection

    Traffic safety on roads is severely restricted during the winter months due to snow and ice. Our product range for the active and preventative winter maintenance to the roadwork services assist you in your difficult task of maintaining safety on the roads ensure: 

    Safety net on bridgesBridge PanellingEmergency phone protectionSnow pole with capSnow fence and Grit container PE